> IJMB Registration For 2017/2018 Officially Commenced On 7th November And Students Are Advised To Register Immediately. Payment Of Initial School Fees Starts On 4th February While Lectures Commence March 6th 2017. Registration Not Done At WWW.IJMBWAY.COM Is Not Known To IJMB Alevel Registration Body, And Therefore Such Candidates Take Full Responsibility Of Their Negligence, You Are Warned. Be Wary Of What You Read Outside IJMBWAY.COM. Visit WWW.IJMBWAY.COM directly on your browser or better still bookmark this website NOW. Call IJMB Helplines on 08105087367 or 08111357171 for your enquiries

Accredited IJMB Centres In Nigeria As Of 2017

What You Need To Know About IJMB Centres

IJMB centers  are mostly in ABU IJMB centre in Funtua in Katsina state, which is the main IJMB center, and we do have IJMB centres in Kwara, Delta, Benue, Jos, Kogi, Ogun, Ibadan, Osun too. All of our other centres are in capital city of each state, except the IJMB centre in Delta state. To apply to any the centres please follow the procedure below in other to get registered. Please do take not that if you register late or the above IJMB centres have been filled up before you register, you will be automatically be transferred to our IJMB centre in Ilorin from wherever you are, We do expect students to choose anyone they wish to go for in IJMB Online form. If you have not printed the form out, you can print out IJMB form and fill the fields with capital letters. And this how you can register for

IJMB 2016/2017 Registration Procedures

2016/2017 IJMB registration is still ongoing and the closing date have not been annouced yet. While the registration have been on since November first 2016, we can assure students that the registration will still be on till February 2016 for the ijmb session registration of the 2016/2017.

We again warn students never to be physical cash to anyone or

IJMB 2017/2018 Registration Form Is Now Open

IJMB 2017/2018 Registration Form Session Is Out

We are glad to announce to you that the IJMB 2017/2018 registration form is now ongoing and interested candidates can still apply here to all our study centres  IJMB admission has commenced. take note that further instructions will be communicated to them via their personal email address.

Applicant chosen IJMB centre details will be communicated to them immediately they register as from now onward within 24 hours after registration.

Interested candidates should follow the below instructions in order to register. Students should also take not that the lectures for the IJMB will commence between March/April of 2017 and the lectures will run until January and by February 2018, students will write their final examinations. In the absence of any change, students should be expecting their results by the late April or early May 2018 in which they will use it to gain admission into 200 Level the same 2018.

 (UPDATE: No more entrance exam for 2017/2018 session)

IJMB Helplines 08111357171, 08105087367


Parents and guardian are advised to help their

When Is IJMB Form Closing And IJMB Registration Form Closing Date?

When Is IJMB Form Closing Date And IJMB Registration Form Closing Date?

IJMB registration form for the 2017/2018 will officially commence on 7th, November 2016 and is not closing yet, you can still register for IJMB now, even though lectures have started already and whether you didn't read JAMB or wrote you JAMB, it does not matter, you are meant to register IJMB and start lectures immediately in any of our study centres nationwide.

School fees (initial payment) for the 2017/2018 session are meant to be paid immediately to start receiving lectures. Though the acceptance is meant to be paid immediately after admission into the programme and of which admission letter has been sent to each applicant.

Candidates who are applying to go through IJMB programme, are advised to register early so that all necessary information would be sent to them on time, especially those who do not want to come

Official Resumption For IJMB 2017/2018 Academic Session

IJMB Lectures Resumption For The Current Session

The official IJMB resumption date for the IJMB 2017/2018 session is March 20th (updated date). Students can start to prepare and inform their parents and guardians at home. Students can start coming from March 18th to familiarise with the environment before lectures start fully. 

If you have registered all the while, and you haven't received your centre, please check your email now, we have sent all the registered students their centre's details today, via the email they used to send their data to us. Please, if you did not use your email to send

2017/2018 JAMB Cut-Off Marks For All Universities

JAMB Cut-Off Mark For 2017/2018 Admission

JAMB Cut Off Marks For 2017/2018
JAMB Cut Off Marks For 2017/2018

For students who wants to know the cut off marks for JAMB for the 2017 October admission into Nigerian universities. The JAMB board has released the cut - off marks in which is a minimum mark, before you are eligible to be considered admission.

The over 1.5 million JAMB candidates who registered for JAMB 2017/2018 session should take note that this cut - marks is just a basis and is does not automatically mean if you have above the mark you are automatically admitted. NO. It is just a

2017 JAMB Posting

Many people have been asking us about 2017 JAMB posting and how to know where candidates will be posted after the successful JAMB registration for the 2017 session of such candidates have been considered for 2017 admission. Well, we have made good guidelines available for people who do not know their JAMB centres posting for this year.

To know your JAMB posting for the 2017, visit the official

Why You Need To Write IJMB Before You Even Think Of JAMB

This is the modern technique by which those who have the means and resources gain admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions with little or no stress at all Yes, people now write IJMB before even thinking of JAMB. The reasons are not far-fetched, this is the surest means today to gain admission without wasting any year at home, or being frustrated by JAMB. According to our research, average Nigerian secondary leavers write JAMB

JAMB 2017 Full Details

JAMB 2017 full details and a carefullyi instructions to follow to in order to avoid mistakes. Do you want to pass JAMB 2017 with no hitch for not gaining admission? Read this page carefully.

When is the new exam date for Jamb 2017? This has been the trending question so for. The good news is that New Jamb 2017 registration and examination date has finally been announced. Jamb 2017 will now commence on 13 May and end on 20 May, 2017.

Applications are invited from suitably

JAMB Registration, Form, Closing Date For JAMB, JAMB Profile

JAMB registration closing date, JAMB 2017
JAMB registration closing date, JAMB 2017

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB, registration is still on ongoing, since the JAMB form came out since 20th of April, the registration will run through to 5th of May. All candidates who want to know when JAMB form will be closed, it is now clear that the registration will close on 5th after the deadline has been extended by JAMB for 2 weeks.

For those who wants to gain admission into Nigerian universities, whether being Federal, State, or Polytechnic the JAMB registration process and requirements is almost the same thing. The major requirement being that you have at least 5 Credits which includes Mathematics and English Language. The major new policy being executed in this 2017 JAMB is the fact that no more awaiting result.

JAMB News - 2017 JAMBs Problem And Alternative Admission

If we are not lieing to ourselves against all the evidence on sight, the 2017 JAMB and all the news training JAMB in the registration process is the most stressful, frustrating, dramatic and setback for JAMB since it was set as the standard board for the moderation of admission into our universities in Nigeria.

Before we bring up todays's news about JAMB, do you know it is not only through JAMB, O'level leavers can use to gain admission into Nigerian universities? Major universities in Nigeria that you or your wards might interest in have other most priories way of gaining

IJMB Examination Timetable For 2017 Is Out

IJMB 2017 Timetable For Examination Has Been Released

This is to notify all our students in all our study centres that the IJMB board at Zaria has released the timetable for the 2016/2017 examination for all to see. The examination that will commence on 14th of February, which will take about two weeks and few days, will see students being tested in all they have been taught and what have been expected to have known in the various subjects they have registered for during the IJMB programme

We at IJMBway Alevel Registration, therefore urged our students to make sure they keep more eyes on their books, while

Before You Call That IJMB Numbers - Ask Yourself These Questions! More Truths About IJMB Revealed

IJMB And The Different Numbers And Websites; Why Is All That?

Simple answer: It is all that because we have so many Agents and so many fraudsters. 

READ This Very Well Before You Read EveryThing

Many students will obtain IJMB form, and ends up in another hand and centre entirely after several warning; that is why we were encouraged to make this insightful post about IJMB.

So many people calls us after finding themselves in a wrong study centres because they have refused to call the number on the form, do not heed to instructions, head to search engines like Google, bing to search about IJMB again, got another number and starts asking questions, they got to the wrong centre and all that we promised them, wasn't there, and starts calling our IJMB helplines on 08105087367, 08111357171 again that; where is the serene environment we promised, where are the textbooks we paid for, where are the sound lecturers, where are the 2 hours lectures that we promised and at least 2 lectures per day? Not knowing that he is the architect of his own problem

IJMBway Quote: There is 95% chance that you are about to be a victim of IJMB fraud if you are about to pay to personal account number for your IJMB programme

We are prompted to make this insight post about IJMB once again because many questions are arises daily if you type IJMB on Google search, there is probability you can get over 300 numbers; to say the least, this is more confusing to parents and the prospective IJMB students. 

Why Are So Many Websites Related To IJMB?

The straight answer to this questions is that there are so many IJMB centres in Nigeria, and every centre strifes to own a website related to IJMB and is why you so many different IJMB websites springing up daily which is being encouraged by the Google Adwords. So students finding difficult to locate the genuine website or genuine numbers where they can do all their findings and transactions.

Calculate Your JAMB Points For Universities Admission

Calculate Your JAMB Points For Admission
Calculate Your JAMB Points For Admission

Use this medium to calculate your JAMB admission points. If you do not know how to calculate your jamb points, this our guide tools will help you to calculate it and to know your chances of gaining admission to your choice university with respect to their cut

IJMB 2015/2016 Result Is Out For Collection At Our Various IJMB Centres

IJMB 2015/2016 Results Have Been Released

This is to notify the candidates who sat for the 2015/2016 IJMB examination that the results have been released by the ABU, Zaria IJMB departments. Candidates who wants to collect their IJMB immediately need to call or visit the centre where they receive the IJMB lectures to have their results collected. The IJMB being released now was conducted during February 2016 under the supervision and moderation of Ahmadu Bello university.

Further more, the results might not be