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IJMB Textbooks

How To Request For IJMB Textbooks And Past Questions

These IJMB textbooks include all relevant courses relating to your IJMB programme, from pure sciences, social sciences and Art and Humanities. We don't sell per copy, we sell textbooks that are related to your course

1. To request for IJMB textbooks, you must have registered. ( That is the first condition) You can register by paying the IJMB registration fee  #8,000 online and it will redirected you to where you will fill your IJMB form. Or via bank deposit by following the instruction below

2. Then pay #25,000 to the below account ( the #25,000 is already included the in the #168,000 you are met to pay throughout your IJMB programme, so you are not going to pay for extra fees.

Account No: 0163836217
Bank        : Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)

It is after that, you can email us on

In the email just use "Request For IJMB Textbooks For My Course" as the subject

3. Then just tell us your preferred course you want to study at the university after being through with the IJMB programme with us in the email

4. Make sure you include the scan copy of the teller of the #25,000 you pay. (always use your student name during payment). and your exact address in full details (be descriptive as much as possible

Your textbooks include past questions of each course and solutions to the questions

Within 8 working days, you will receive your books via any of our transport affiliate or DHL as the case maybe
IJMB Textbook and materials

IJMB Textbook and exam papers

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