> IJMB Registration For 2018/2019 Application Form Has Started And It Closes Soon. Registration Not Done At WWW.IJMBWAY.COM Is Not Known To IJMB Alevel Registration Body, And Therefore Such Candidates Take Full Responsibility Of Their Negligence, You Are Warned. Be Wary Of What You Read Outside IJMBWAY.COM. Call IJMBE Helplines on 08105087367 or 08111357171 for your enquiries. All who have registered are to resume early March 2018.

IJMB Syllabus And IJMB Course Outlines For All Semesters

What We Have Available For IJMB Applicants?

We have different materials for IJMB applicants that apply to our programme. Some of these materials are already free or already included the payment of the textbooks and tuition fee. What you need to do is to register for the program, and when you reach your study centre, you will be given your IJMB syllabus, textbooks and IJMB past questions

The IJMB syllabus has been converted to softcopy (PDF) for everyone to download after the successful registration. The IJMB syllabus is sent to anyone after the registration has been confirmed to be successful. All the three syllabi for the IJMB subject combination will be sent to students after registration. The subject combination is the IJMB courses that students will seat for IJMB examination that usually takes place every February every year. We have analysed all the details about IJMBE which starts for Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination on our last page.

How To Download Your IJMB Syllabus PDF

To have your syllabus sent to your email, register IJMB by printing the IJMB form and tick your choice course

In the admission letter that will be sent to you, your IJMB subject combination syllabus will be included in the email.

Download this syllabus and start studying them even before you start your IJMB programme at your preferred IJMB study centres in Nigeria

How To Make Sure You See Your IJMB Syllabus On Your  Email

To receive your IJMB syllabus, when you are sending your registration details to us ( which must have been scanned: the filled IJMB form and the teller) make sure you used your personal email to send it to us, since your admission letter will be sent automatically to the you use in sending your document to us.

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