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Does OOU Accepts IJMB

I'm sure you want to know if Olabisi Onabanjo University accepts IJMB results. The answer is that OOU doesn't accept IJMB. This is not time to explain, that is the simple truth. We wish too if the management can consider this programme as one of their options for students to gain admission into the institution, but for now, they don't accept it. Please check the
list of universities accepting IJMB, and you can decide after that whether you want to go for IJMB or not, but always reminder, if no JAMB, go for IJMB. It is better than wasting another 365 days at home. That is my personal opinion though. What to do? You can decide to register for JAMB while still doing your IJMB programme with us so that you can choose OOU in your JAMB and choose university of your choice that are accepting IJMB through Direct Entry (D.E)

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